Why Us?

Why FAS?

Reduce Cost

Be more competitive in the market, sustainable and more profitable. With FAS you can reduce your operating cost up to 40-60% upfront and continue to cost-cut as you scale.

Quality & Efficiency Promises

FAS primary goal is to lead you towards the success. We Implement most effective and robust quality and efficiency mechanism to deliver the work.

Scale Fast

No matter what scaling method you follow to improve your business, FAS will be around with you all through the journey and continue to improve your operating cost, efficiency and best practices.


Happy Clients



20 + Million

Revenue Managed



Our Approach

How We Work


FinAcct will assemble project scope and plan based on your prerequisite. We will help you through the complete process to take over the project no matter what position it is right now or is yet to be designed for your unique business. A great plan will have benefit for you to reduce costs and increases quality over the project’s life.


This is critical for your business and strong relationship. FinAcct will agree upon deliverables and control mechanism. Hence both parties have something concrete to work from. In the matter of, Service Levels, Team availability, performance goals, security requirements, and so on are critical to the project’s success.


Knowledge transfer is often among the project’s main phase. It’s the driving force of success or failure on outsourcing projects. So it needs to be managed well. Our expert team will layout a detailed transition plan and communication lines would help to save your time in an effective way and our team is well verse in doing that so. It will be as phlegmatic as you could ever envisage.


Our Great Team


Co-Founder & Managing Director


Co-Founder & Managing Director

Our Core Team


Would you like to know more About Us?

If you have never offshored or outsourced before and have a lot of questions to ask. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions about pricing model, onboarding, setting up a team, to anything you need to know about outsourcing to FinAcct Solutions.

Do not hesitant to call now on +1 415-800-4209 or email us at enquire@finacctsolutions.com. We will answer all your questions and help you understand outsourcing approach as it would apply to your unique business and we can make it work for you.

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