Audit and Compliance

We specialize in Internal Audit & Compliance, and you know why you need to outsource? Reason being this business unit should be an independent and objective function that strives to continually help you evaluate whether you are meeting certain criteria to run an effective business and controls.

There are 3 Q’s will answer whether you need to have Audit & Compliance partner and why you must think it should be outsourced:

  • Are my company reports being safe, sound and in compliance?
  • Are they efficient and effective?
  • Does my team thinking ahead of game to stay competitive?

We truly demonstrate this through the consistent application of our Internal Audit methodology and our focus on Oversight, Insight, and Foresight.

FAS can meet all your internal audit needs under a continuous full-service outsourcing plan, reporting the audit your committee and an appropriate corporate administrator and executives in the organization, in order to assure the appropriate scope of neutrality and independence.

Our experts have extensive amount of experience bringing my various companies using this approach, we listen to each client and tailor to meet our client’s unique needs.

Our Audit & Compliance Service Includes:
  • Statutory Audit Support
  • SOX control testing
  • Tax Support- W2/1099
  • Policy Review & Documentation